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TOYOTA GR YARIS 1.6 TURBO 4WD: rally round for a real treat

HERE we have a car that is not actually well suited to the potholed collection of roads that make up our network – but it will have caught the attention of dentists up and down the land.

They’ll be sitting up and taking notice, not because their high fees mean they can afford one, but because they smell business.

And that’s because the super firm underpinnings of Toyota’s GR Yaris are more suited to rougher thoroughfares, and you might find your teeth fillings rolling around the footwell after a while…

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SEAT ATECA XPERIENCE: family SUV that puts a smile on your face

OVER four years on from its launch and SEAT’s Ateca is still up with the best of the rest.

Its arrival was a brave move by the Spanish manufacturer as an SUV has not rolled off its production line before.

So it headed into territory dominated by cars like Nissan’s top selling Qashqai – and beat the lot.

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CITROEN C5 AIRCROSS PLUG-IN HYBRID: raising the comfort levels


RENOWNED for putting the quirk into car design, Citroen have scored again with their C5 Aircross SUV.

Who else produces a car that has what looks like a footstep in the door sill, or a large signature chrome C marking the sweep of the side windows?

No real surprise then that the two models that are the Plug-In Hybrid offerings in the range come with the moniker Flair and Flair Plus. Because there’s plenty of that on board..

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BMW 420d M SPORT COUPE: building on the legend

BMW are aiming to raise the bar with their latest all-new 4 Series Coupe.

So among the heady list of equipment on offer you’ll find mild hybrid technology, weight saving chassis wizardry and, for the first time, their M Sport Pro package.

Launched worldwide back in October 2020, the UK media got a first drive soon after, where its excellent performance and handling credentials were there to sample.

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AN easier, quicker and cleaner way to check your tyre pressures? What’s not to like!

Here’s a handy little gadget that allows you to just that, accurately and in double quick time.

Michelin”s Pressure Checker can be used on everything from bicycles, mopeds, scooters, motorbikes, cars, 4x4s, vans, minibuses, motorcaravans and light-duty trailers – and that includes caravans and horse box trailers.

It allows you to check all four pressures accurately and without the need to connect a pressure gauge to the valve, which is unhygienic and removes air from the tyre.

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SUZUKI SWIFT SPORT: light weight but not light on involvement

1564363_SU_2670ITS Champion Yellow body colour gives the new Suzuki Swift Sport the distinct appearance of a motoring high-viz jacket.

It’s the metal equivalent of the sort of apparel a top athlete might use when training, which is quite appropriate really, because it’s a great little runner….

Suzuki’s third generation sport supermini has a new front end that gives it a look all of its own.

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Do you Phil the need to write about cars?

642891_au012994DO you love writing (or talking) about cars?
Would you like to kickstart a career as a motoring journalist?
How about £1,000 in travel vouchers and other great motoring prizes?

mgmw-new-logoIf you’re aged between 12 and 18 and love writing or talking about cars (or even photographing them), here’s a chance to make a name for yourself with the Midland Group of Motoring Writers, one of the leading groups of motoring journalists in the country – AND win a prestigious Phil.

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MAZDA MX-5: the best got a bit better

mx5 2WHEN a nice sunny day presents itself but your heads sticks out into the wind a bit and what used to pass for a thick covering of hair is thinning out and losing its thermal efficiency, an autumnal morning can feel a trifle chilly.

But that’s no excuse not to drop the top on Mazda’s all new MX-5 and head out into our glorious countryside for a spin.

When you’re 6 foot 4 it’s a case of dropping into the Mazda as it sits as low to the ground as a dachshund’s dangly bits, but once you’re in you’re ready for business.

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HONDA CIVIC and CR-V: improvements all round

Honda Civic 2015 (1)HONDA might be suffering a touch on their return to the Formula One fold, but when it comes to road cars they appear to be in pole position.

2015 is going to be a big year for the Japanese manufacturer. As well as the just revealed new Civic and CR-V models, Jazz and HRV also get serious revisions in 2015, so it’s a fair assumption that things are going to get pretty busy down in Swindon, Honda’s UK manufacturing plant that has just had a £200 million investment.

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YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A PHIL – and a whole lot more!

mb worldWANT to be a motoring journalist?

Aged between 13 and 17? Want to write (or talk) about cars for a living? Here’s a chance to make a name for yourself with leading UK car journalists AND win all these great prizes:
* £1000 in travel vouchers (courtesy of Audi UK)
* the loan of an Audi of your choice for your parents for a week
* a tour of the Aston Martin plant at Gaydon, Warwickshire and a passenger ride with one of the company’s test drivers
* a visit to Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands, Surrey for a tutored drive and lunch for yourself and your parentsWin an Audi for a week

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