Tales from the Black Stuff, pt 2

WANT to drive up the side of your house? In a Mercedes-Benz ML you can.

Well, it certainly feels that it’s possible, after tackling the off-road course at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands.

It’s a great day out for young and old alike, though grandson Jack, strapped in the back, was probably wondering what he’d let himself in for as the bonnet of the ML 350 suddenly pointed towards the heavens as we negotiated a particularly steep incline.

And going downhill backwards – more quickly than you might expect – was another unexpected treat for him, all accomplished under the control of a Mercedes-Benz trained instructor on a course that certainly puts the off-roader though its, his or her paces.

Off roading is just one of the attractions at the site of the legendary banked racing circuit, now flanked by housing estates and superstores, but which still oozes nostalgia by the tankful. You can see parts of the banking that literally ‘launched’ the racing careers of stars gone by as you park your car….

Your visit is free, and you can wander around to yours hearts content among the assembled ranks of vehicles from the German marque’s glorious past in the plush museum, as well as plenty from the current day, with a display of AMG models and a couple of grand prix cars in particular attracting attention.

Feel the need to try one of the latest cars out on the track? For a fee you can, and indeed people were on our visit, as well as a steady stream of youngsters eager to try their hand at the U16 Driving Academy. You just need to be over 1.5 metres tall  to reach the pedals to be able to take the wheel of a new Mercedes A-Class. And our Jack needs to grow a couple of centimetres before we go back….

Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands Drive, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0SL.
Call 0870 400 4000; www.mercedes-benz.co.uk


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