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MAZDA CX-30 GT Sport Tech: similar but different at the same time

AS an understudy to Mazda’s CX-5, their new CX-30 fits nicely into the range line-up – but it’s got some tough competition in the family SUV category.

Based on the Mazda 3 hatchback, CX-30 is compact enough in its dimensions to feel easily at home around town and drawing as it does on the neat styling of the 3, it certainly catches the eye. Similar, but ultimately very different. Continue reading

RENAULT CLIO R.S Line: improvements all round for French favourite

YOU could forgive the French for having a little touch of German fever.

They probably caught it back in 1939 when there was a knock at the door and outside were the seried ranks of the Wermacht and the SS, intent on dominating western Europe and anyone else who got in the way.

It’s taken a while but you can’t say they’re not showing the symptoms of wanting to dominate the European small car market.

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VAUXHALL ASTRA ELITE: new engines for popular hatch

ANYONE considering adding a new Astra to their driveway, based on previous experience, is likely to be pleasantly surprised.

A car that has always been a firm favourite with we British motorists comes to you in 2020 in a form, shall we say, that is suitably enhanced.

The looks remain unmistakably Vauxhall‘s popular family hatch, but it’s the bits you can’t see where the most significant changes have taken place.

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MG HS: much improved SUV from masters of duplication

TASTY food; sundry electrical goods; a rather large wall that can allegedly be seen from outer space – we’ve all heard of the Chinese.

Now they seem intent on copying some goods rather larger than your average smart phone. Cars for the European market are next on the agenda for the peoples republic and rest assured they will be, shall we say, competitively priced.

An initial foray from the eastern outpost of communism has seen the rather well known MG brand back in business here.

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HONDA CIVIC EX SPORT LINE: insurance friendly newcomer

FANCY a Civic Type R but think the insurance premiums might be a bit on the unaffordable side? Here’s an alternative.

If you can forego the brutal power in favour of something more wallet friendly in terms of performance and economy, the latest Civic might just tempt you.

With the latest and menacing look of something hinting at more brutal underpinnings, the Civic EX Sport Line is what you might dub an insurance friendly package.

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NISSAN JUKE: improving in a roundabout sort of way

NISSAN’S Juke is a car that stands out from the crowd in any scenario – even before you throw a few litres of bright paint at it.

They even made sure the windows were open, because some of the latest ones have got a tango coloured coating inside too.

It’s quirky looks in its compact chunky body have made it a popular choice for those motorists who stray from the conventional. And there must be a lot of them about, because there are a lot of Jukes about too.

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