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SUZUKI SWIFT HYBRID: evolving for its loyal followers

SWIFT by name and swift enough by nature, Suzuki’s compact supermini has a loyal following – and it’s evident that’s not likely to change much in the near future.

Despite the fact there’s still a perceived demand for small petrol cars, the best selling Ford Fiesta is no more, and other rivals to the Swift are heading down the electric only road. Continue reading

LEXUS LBX: new baby has premium appeal

THINK of Diversity and you’re more likely to think of a dance troup than a major car manufacturer deviating away from what they know best.

But that’s just what Lexus have done with their latest offering.  Acknowledged as a maker of safe and luxurious SUVs and saloons,  the new LBX is anything but. It’s as small as Toyota’s Yaris Cross, has about as much rear space for passengers as the aforementioned,  and comes with a hefty price tag for such a small car. Continue reading

TOYOTA C-HR: a true model of efficiency

IN a world that changes on a daily basis, there comes along the
occasional car that disproves the theory that things can’t improve.

Toyota’s latest version of the C-HR is such a vehicle. And as such it
will do its bit to ensure that the Japanese giant’s reputation for building decent hybrid cars remains unsullied. Continue reading

HONDA CR-V PLUG-IN HYBRID: don’t mesh with the biggest so far

JUST when you thought it was safe to go shopping for a CR-V  there’s now a new one to make the decision making process that much more complicated.

The previous generation of Honda’s big selling SUV ditched pure petrol power in favour of a hybrid set-up. We drove one earlier this year and were suitably impressed. Continue reading

HONDA ZR-V: smart hybrid with a conscience


HONDA have slotted another hybrid SUV into their range between the HR-V and CR-V – and with its ‘out of sight’ bits the same as the Civic, you’re odds-on looking at a winner.

ZR-V has its own look with a distinctive grille and sleek headlights and while there’s only a single engine option in the  ZR-V,  it’s a pretty good one. Continue reading

VOLVO XC60 RECHARGE: putting the P in Premium

THERE’S a widely-held view (in our household, anyway) that says you’re safer in a modern day Volvo than going for a walk with the Green Cross Code man.

This is a car that has to rank among the most family-friendly and superbly finished of vehicles, and a shoe in for anyone who wants to buy into Volvo’s enviable safety reputation but doesn’t feel the need to go full out with its bigger XC90 stablemate. Continue reading

HONDA CR-V e:HEV: upmarket move for a winning formula

THE racetracks of the world are a happy place of late for Max and his Honda powered Red Bull colleagues, and so are the car showrooms of the Japanese company for people buying their wares.

Take the latest CR-V – the epitome of all that’s good in a family sized SUV and propelled by their 2.0 litre hybrid petrol engine.

It’s a responsive unit and plenty of torque equals swift forward movement, safe overtaking and fairly relaxed cruising. Continue reading

SUZUKI S-CROSS HYBRID: celebrating 10 years of family-friendly service

BY their own admission, Suzuki’s S-Cross has, in the past, been something of a Marmite car – high on value but not winning many plaudits for its styling.

Safe to say though, it’s been improved over the years and now there’s one available for you to really get your teeth into and satisfy your appetite for a good, all-round SUV. One that does what it says on the tin and won’t cost you your childrens inheritance. Continue reading

HYUNDAI TUCSON HYBRID: striking styling that catches the eye

YOU might not expect something from the Hyundai stable to be locking horns with the premium sector rivals but they’ve taken the plunge.

The Korean company’s 2022 Tucson SUV is far and away a classier offering than its predecessor with its striking, sculpted looks and its bold new signature grille.

They’ve improved just about every area – the interior is much improved and looks like a premium product and there is an awful lot of useful on-board technology. Continue reading