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VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY OCEAN RACE: it’s a car with a conscience

1463646_215848_Volvo_V90_Cross_Country_Volvo_Ocean_Race_exteriorIT was ironic that Volvo’s big V90 Cross Country Ocean Race came to play just when the weather conditions turned to the sort of weather conditions you might encounter in the Southern Atlantic.

Squally didn’t do the day justice, but charting the Volvo’s progress via the large nine inch centre touch screen ensured the trip was completed without any undue hassle.

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VOLKSWAGEN e-GOLF: currently leading the charge of electric offerings

1291121_DB2016AU00987_largeA SUDDEN overnight frost can put a damper on your first impression of an all electric car.

Volkswagen’s e-Golf suffered that fate when the heater was turned up to warm the interior, making the driving range plummet from an acceptable 175 on the gauge to just 70 in the space of ta couple of miles.

But a swift re-adjustment of the heater control brought it back up to around the 120 mile level.

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SKODA SUPERB SPORTLINE PLUS: living up to its name

1065923_SKODA_Superb_SportLineSUPERB Skodas are nothing new – there’s been one in the range since 2002, and even long before that.

In 1934 to be precise, a car so sought after for its beautiful coachbuilt body that the Emperor of Japan had one.

And while the latest offering from the Czech manufacturer might not be quite up to ambassadorial standards, it’s still a car with a uniqueness all of its own.

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VOLKSWAGEN T-ROC: all things come to those who wait

1478468_Volkswagen T-Roc cVOLKSWAGEN’S Golf-sized SUV could be just the car for the brand-loyal motorist who has been resisting the urge to switch allegiance.

T-Roc may be a late arrival to the mass rave that is the Compact SUV party, but with DNA linking it to one of the world’s best selling cars, you can be sure the entrance has been timed to perfection. All things come to those who wait, as they say….

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BMW X2: another notch on the motoring bedpost….

1525230_P90294882-highResTHE motoring world these days has more niches than Casanova had notches on his headboard – and BMW have added to another one.

Their neat X2 – a bit of a flattened X1 if you like – is dubbed a Sports Activity Coupe because its lowered roofline gives it a coupe–like profile but comes with the slightly raised driving position of an SUV. But only slightly, and certainly less than a similarly sized SEAT Ateca.

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RANGE ROVER VELAR: into the gap….

1338800_RR_Velar_18MY_367_GLHD_PR_010317SOMETHING of the proportions of the Range Rover Velar is a mighty machine to squeeze into a gap – particularly when that gap is in the Range Rover line-up and is a gap that no one knew existed.

The very swish and highly classy Velar slots in between the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport in a brand line-up that spans the £30,000 to £160,000 price bracket.

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VOLVO V60: the Swedes re-invent their heartland

1563032_228893_New_Volvo_T6_Inscription_Pebble_GreyTHE staple transport of many a caravanner just got a whole lot sexier.

Back in the day, if you were in the habit of towing your holiday around behind you and you weren’t short in the wallet department, then the trusty Volvo estate was the car to have.

Strong and reliable, it was also hugely practical and offered exceptional interior space into the bargain.

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SKODA FABIA: Fabia-lous version of popular seller

1600091_FabiaTwinVALUE for money’ and class leading space – two of the virtues that have built up a worldwide following for Skoda and their range of cars.

The Czech manufacturer has certainly benefitted from being under the VW Group umbrella in recent times and cars like the Fabia have been the mainstay of their success, playing a crucial role in moving the brand along to what it is today.

Sales worldwide of the Fabia total over four million in its 19 year span, and last year the UK was Skoda’s fourth biggest market for Fabia with 19,400 registered. A lot of us must think they’re Fabia-lous….

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