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LEXUS LBX: new baby has premium appeal

THINK of Diversity and you’re more likely to think of a dance troup than a major car manufacturer deviating away from what they know best.

But that’s just what Lexus have done with their latest offering.  Acknowledged as a maker of safe and luxurious SUVs and saloons,  the new LBX is anything but. It’s as small as Toyota’s Yaris Cross, has about as much rear space for passengers as the aforementioned,  and comes with a hefty price tag for such a small car. Continue reading

TOYOTA C-HR: a true model of efficiency

IN a world that changes on a daily basis, there comes along the
occasional car that disproves the theory that things can’t improve.

Toyota’s latest version of the C-HR is such a vehicle. And as such it
will do its bit to ensure that the Japanese giant’s reputation for building decent hybrid cars remains unsullied. Continue reading

TOYOTA bZ4X: Japanese giant builds on years of experience

FOR a manufacturer well versed in hybrid machinery, it’s taken Toyota a while to take the plunge into full electric motoring.

Perhaps they were wondering what to call it – after all, there are a lot of names out there already. And perhaps that’s why they came up with bZ4X, a name almost as curious as the marmite styling of the new SUV. Continue reading

HONDA JAZZ EX: boosting the appeal for a younger audience

HONDA are trying hard to move the Jazz away from the elderly ownership profile it has enjoyed for many a year and make it a more attractive proposition to those with less years on the clock.

Whether they succeed will be mirrored in the sales figures, but they seem to be giving it a good chance. Continue reading

TOYOTA AYGO X: time to spice up your life

THE adage that good things come in small packages is well espoused and one that Toyota has been profiting from for some time.

Small car offerings from the Japanese giant, in the shape of Yaris and Aygo, have been the staple of many a family looking for a compact and economical way of getting around town. Continue reading

GENESIS G70: a brand new brand for premium buyers

MANY have tried, some have failed miserably, but the lucrative premium new car market has a new contender.

Genesis, a luxury offshoot of Hyundai, has lined up a range of decent looking vehicles to try and wrest sales from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the acknowledged market leaders.

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SUZUKI SWACE: Haven’t we met somewhere before?

IF you think the car in front is a Toyota then the chances are it might not be – take a careful look at the badges.

The Suzuki Swace can easily be mistaken for the former, as it’s based on the Toyota Corolla Hybrid estate – the second new model launched under a collaborative business agreement between the two Japanese manufacturers.

It’s a UK built car, at Toyota’s Derbyshire factory, but it’s been tweaked with new Suzuki front end treatment.

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TOYOTA GR YARIS 1.6 TURBO 4WD: rally round for a real treat

HERE we have a car that is not actually well suited to the potholed collection of roads that make up our network – but it will have caught the attention of dentists up and down the land.

They’ll be sitting up and taking notice, not because their high fees mean they can afford one, but because they smell business.

And that’s because the super firm underpinnings of Toyota’s GR Yaris are more suited to rougher thoroughfares, and you might find your teeth fillings rolling around the footwell after a while…

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