TOYOTA AYGO X: time to spice up your life

THE adage that good things come in small packages is well espoused and one that Toyota has been profiting from for some time.

Small car offerings from the Japanese giant, in the shape of Yaris and Aygo, have been the staple of many a family looking for a compact and economical way of getting around town.But not too compact, when they’re used as a shuttle service for the future car owning members of the family to attend the sort of after school events that future car owning members of the family attend.

And as they’re the sort of vehicle that might conceivably be passed on once the aforementioned start to drive, then it needs to be something that looks a bit cool but doesn’t cost the earth to run.

Enter Aygo X (pronounced Cross), Toyotas all new compact urban crossover, which is compact but also spacious and which comes with a fair degree of technology guaranteed to have the elderly scratching their heads in bemusement and the younger generation quickly on the button.

It’s a compact five door car equipped with some of the latest big features. You’ll will be able to stay connected with the car via Toyota Smart Connect and MyT smartphone app, which allows you to keep track of various vehicle data and information, such as driving analytics, fuel levels, warning alerts and a vehicle tracker.

Toyota’s latest multimedia system offers cloud-based navigation to provide live route information via always-connected services, via an embedded SIM card. New software updates and connected services will be automatically added via over-the-air updates. Toyota Smart Connect also provides wired and wireless smartphone connectivity via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. A wireless smartphone charging tray is fitted in Exclusive and Limited Edition models.

Since it was first launched in 2005, Aygo has been Toyota’s most accessible car in Europe.The latest compact model in Toyota’s line-up is built on the successful GA-B platform, first introduced with the new Yaris – the European Car of the Year 2021.

In taking Aygo from a hatchback to a crossover body type, Toyota’s European stylists have given Aygo X a new look. The front of the car has been brought closer to the wheels which, with the slanted rear windows, creates a condensed, compact look.

Flared wheel arches and mouldings emphasise the large-diameter tyres and give Aygo X a confident road stance, while the new bi-tone paint job goes beyond just a contrasting roof.

It comes in a arrange of wacky colours, with a hint of spiceyness. You can pick from Cardamom Green, Chilli Red, Ginger Beige and Juniper Blue. These powerful colours are only offered with bi-tone black paint and instead of a simple black roof, the bi-tone paint extends to the rear and merges towards the front of the car with the side rockers and wheel arches. So, instantly recognisable.

This spice theme is not just skin deep. Interior highlights match the exterior spice colours to give the cockpit a distinctive look,

Designed for the narrowest city streets, it has an exceptionally small turning radius of just 4.7m, one of the tightest in the segment.And it’s roomy. With the rear seats down it’s possible to pack a lot in. Two golf clubs bags, two trolleys and assorted equipment bears witness.

Ride comfort and overall control are good, and while the little three pot one litre engine is a bit like a wheezy boy on a cross country run at times, once up to speed it’s perfectly acceptable, and round town there are no issues to note..

There are three versions – Pure, Edge and Exclusive – in the UK line-up, plus a special Limited Edition model.


Toyota Aygo X Exclusive

Price: £18,325
Engine: 1.0 litre, three cylinder, petrol
Power: 71bhp
Torque: 68lb/ft
Transmission: Five speed manual
Top speed: 98mph
0-62mph: 14.9 seconds
Economy: 58.8mpg
CO2 emissions: 110g/km

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