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CUPRA FORMENTOR V2: sporting the premium look

THERE are other electric and hybrid models in the range, but CUPRA’s Formentor with a good old infernal combustion engine still makes a case for ownership.

Sleek, stylish, sporty and decently equipped, it’s also shows up well as a family car.

And while a 1.5 litre engine under the bonnet might seem at odds with the brand’s sporty pretensions it still hits the spot as a desirable and alternative premium product. Continue reading

VW ID.BUZZ STYLE: retro style is a visual winner

THEY say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and what an impression Volkswagen’s ID.Buzz makes.

Whether in wacky, over-the-top garish colours or a more subtle metallic hue, it’s a car that has no rivals – because at present there’s not really anything else like it on the market. Continue reading

VW ID.5 TECH PRO: electric range topper with a new look

THERE’S a definite charge under way to get electric cars to the forefront of buyers minds.

Take a look at what’s available and you might be taken aback by the variety of vehicles to choose from, particularly as the market seems to change from month to month.

Some are admittedly very ‘samey’, following the tried, tested and successful route of plugging in electric power instead of the usual internal combustion powerplant into a ‘go to’ SUV body. Continue reading

HONDA JAZZ EX: boosting the appeal for a younger audience

HONDA are trying hard to move the Jazz away from the elderly ownership profile it has enjoyed for many a year and make it a more attractive proposition to those with less years on the clock.

Whether they succeed will be mirrored in the sales figures, but they seem to be giving it a good chance. Continue reading

VOLKSWAGEN TAIGO: stylish addition to the ranks

VOLKSWAGEN seem to be trying to capture the burgeoning SUV market all on their own these days.

Such is their devotion to it (it accounted for over 40 per cent of VW sales last year) there are now eight models in their range with the inclusion of the new coupe styled Taigo.

It is, on the face of it, a strong addition to the line-up and working on the premis that style is a strong selling point for buyers, they’ve not missed a trick with this one. Continue reading

SKODA KODIAQ: A car that bears close inspection….

ANYONE with any interest in the natural world will know that the Kodiak is, to put it succinctly, a ruddy great bear.

There’s also another one around, with considerably less fur and less likely to bite you on the bum.

Skoda – who have had something of a penchant for exotic animal names in the past (remember Yeti?) have updated their very own ‘Kodiaq’ – and it’s a car that bears (!) close scrutiny. Continue reading

AUDI Q4 e-tron SPORTBACK: surge in demand will make it a best seller

IF you need a clincher to sway you towards electric car ownership then the pace of improvement in range should do it.

With well over the 200 mile mark now on offer from a variety of EVs, the choice is growing as quickly as the hair on Queen’s guitarist Brian May’s head.

Audi are predicting that their Q4 Sportback e-tron will become the second best selling model in their range, such is the surge in demand for electric SUVs that can walk the walk. Continue reading

VW ARTEON SHOOTING BRAKE: more bang for your bucks

IT might have a name that harks back to the pastimes of the landed gentry in the last century, but this Arteon is bang (sorry) up to date.

A shooting brake of old was designed to carry all the necessary equipment for the hoorah Henrys to blast any wildlife that was unfortunate enough to catch their eye.

Thankfully that’s a thing of the past in most of the UK, but the name has returned with Volkswagen’s Arteon, a car that combines the good looks of a coupe with the load-lugging capability of an estate car. Continue reading

CUPRA Formentor VZ2: stylish addition to premium ranks

THE name will be know to many – it’s been around for a while – but now it’s very much a brand in its own right.

And one that’s on an upward spiral. The CUPRA name was first used back in 1996 on the SEAT Ibiza – and it’s a name that has grown in popularity with UK buyers.

Now, as a standalone brand after splitting from SEAT in 2018, CUPRA is viewed as an alternative premium brand.

Continue reading