TOTOTA GR SUPRA: welcome return of a supra sports car

CONTRARY to popular belief, not everyone wants to drive around in SUVs.

So thank goodness there are still manufacturers who are prepared to take a punt and have a true two seater sports car on offer, as well as the usual fare in their sales brochures.

Take a bow, Toyota.Like every version that has gone before it – and there have been a few – Toyota’s GR Supra hit the streets with a hefty six cylinder petrol engine shoving the power to the rear wheels.

Those who are happy to sit as low as a rattlesnake’s wotsits and glance out the side window to get a look at the door handle of the SUV in the traffic queue beside you will surely love it.

There’s also a milder 2.0 litre version and while both look the same, the telltale is the red Supra badge on the rear of the more interesting one.

Its development costs were shared with BMW for their Z4 so there are inevitable similarities, particularly with BMW’s excellent i-system, but Supra’s unique styling sets it apart – the view via the door mirrors of the bulbous sculpted haunches that curve over the rear of the car are styling perfection, and the view forward over the bonnet isn’t too shabby either.

So, a car you’re likely to be swayed by the looks of and the anticipation of a bit of fun. There’s an auto option but sampled here is the 335 bhp 3.0 litre six cylinder mated to a six speed manual box.

There’s a distinctive bark as you head towards to upper echelons of the engine revolutions, accompanied by a chorus of pops and crackles when you ease off the accelerator.

What makes it a bit more rewarding than some is the fact quick, smooth gearchanges require a higher degree of concentration than is the norm. There’s a definite gate that demands a degree of precision when shifting, as well as a clutch that liked to be pushed to the extent of its travel, but get it all in sync and there’s a sense of a job well done.

It might take a trip or two to perfect but worth the effort.Sporty steering with a decent level of precision and strong brakes are box tickers, and while the average road where we live contains more holes than a chunk of Gruyere – and consequently has the ability to make the Supra shudder over the worst of them – find a piece of decent smooth blacktop and progress is relatively serene.

In the main you can have a fairly normal conversation in the cabin, but on poor surfaces the road noise from the tyres builds to the point that even the radio struggles a bit, despite the 10 speakers dotted around the cabin.

You sit low in supportive seats that have adjustable lumbar support and side bolsters  so the ideal position isn’t too hard to find. The sculpted roof helps with headroom, and with all round visibility short on supply the rear view camera is something you can’t do without.

Loads of standard kit – and loads of appeal.


Toyota GR Supra

Price: £54,630
Engine: 3.0 litre, six cylinder, petrol
Power: 335bhp
Torque: 369lb/ft
Transmission: six speed manual
Top speed: 155mp (limited)
0-62mph: 4.6 seconds
Economy: 32mpg
CO2 emissions: 198g/km

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