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AUDI A1 SPORTBACK: the posh small car

1575658_A186765_largeIT’S a main road, a dictionary description of excellence, a naff teeny boy band from the past – and the smallest Audi of the modern era.

Now revisited, reworked and relaunched, the latest Audi A1 Sportback proves that few technologies are made worse by being smaller, as this still manages to hang on to that prestige feel even though it’s been extensively remodelled.

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Not so tyre-ing from Bridgestone

mailBRIDGESTONE has announced the launch of Enliten, a new lightweight tyre technology that represents an unmatchable reduction in material and rolling resistance performance to contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

And yet it still provides the same wear life as a standard original equipment tyre. Enliten technology is also claimed to improve the vehicle’s handling and stability to increase driving pleasure.

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SUZUKI JIMNY: a car with absolutely no peers

Suzuki Jimny 001REMEMBER that classic scene from Only Fools and Horses where Del and Rodney realise their dream of becoming millionaires, and the Reliant Robin starts rocking?

Well, the all new Suzuki Jimny rocks too, both in the side to side sense on its soft springs and by virtue of the fact it’s a fairly unique piece of motoring architecture.

Don’t reach for the phonebook to find your nearest dealer though, as this year’s UK allocation is long sold out, such is the clamour to own one.

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CUPRA ATECA: wraps off a very quick SUV

1653794_CUPRA Ateca UK launch - December 2018 (1)WITH SUVs being the car of choice for many, there was an inevitability about the arrival of a very quick one.

And it comes from an all-new brand, although you may recognise the car in question.

Cupra has been a trim level used by SEAT for some time, but from now on will stand alone as a pukka range, in the same way Citroen have done it with DS.

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