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FORD KA+ ACTIVE: baby, look at you now!

1578421_KA MK Xscape static-1FORD’S KA has been a popular small city car among those whose budgets were a little on the tight side – a bit like the space inside.

Around town it was in its element, small and manoeuverable, but not the sort of car you’d drive to the middle of France and back, though I know someone who did undertake that very trip some years back.

But the car you’ll find in the Ford sales brochures now bears very little similarity to the original 1996 version.

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FORD FIESTA ST: the pocket rocket lives

1585510__86A0039FORD’S Fiesta ST is the sort of car dentists love. Not necessarily to drive, but because it provides them with an endless stream of hapless victims.

The sort of car you find yourself groping around in the footwell to find your fillings. Because suspension travel is, shall we be generous here, minimal.

Not really the car for the family man, then, who would find his offspring vomiting into the door pockets after a few miles of any spirited motoring.

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KIA CEED: an easy, clear cut decision

1593296_KIA_CEED_001FOR cee’d, read Ceed – the name has changed slightly, and there are changes afoot in the latest incarnation of the car that changed the way we think about Kia.

So much so that the Euro designed, Euro built hatch is a very much oft-seen addition to UK roads.

Sketched at the company’s European design centre in Frankfurt and built in Slovakia, it’s very much a European car, which may or may not tempt you into ownership in the current political climate.

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MAZDA MX-5 RF 184ps: more power equals more fun

1485330_mazda_rf_058THERE’S not much you can do to a Mazda MX-5 to make it a bit better, apart from maybe a little more power. So that’s what they’ve done.

Now propelled by a 2.0 litre 184ps engine (that’s 24ps more than before), the little two seater has the ability to sprint to 62mph in under seven seconds and carry on – with your knuckles turning whiter by the second – to a top speed of 137mph. The throttle response is impressive.

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VOLVO V90 CROSS COUNTRY OCEAN RACE: it’s a car with a conscience

1463646_215848_Volvo_V90_Cross_Country_Volvo_Ocean_Race_exteriorIT was ironic that Volvo’s big V90 Cross Country Ocean Race came to play just when the weather conditions turned to the sort of weather conditions you might encounter in the Southern Atlantic.

Squally didn’t do the day justice, but charting the Volvo’s progress via the large nine inch centre touch screen ensured the trip was completed without any undue hassle.

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VOLKSWAGEN e-GOLF: currently leading the charge of electric offerings

1291121_DB2016AU00987_largeA SUDDEN overnight frost can put a damper on your first impression of an all electric car.

Volkswagen’s e-Golf suffered that fate when the heater was turned up to warm the interior, making the driving range plummet from an acceptable 175 on the gauge to just 70 in the space of ta couple of miles.

But a swift re-adjustment of the heater control brought it back up to around the 120 mile level.

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