DS 3 CROSSBACK: luxury compact SUV with a different accent

1773439_DS 3 CROSSBACK - Prestige 02LOOKS like our chums across the channel have had another one of those extended lunches swilling Ricard and smoking some exotic substances.

How else would they come up with something as wayward on the inside as the DS3 Crosshatch, something so completely opposite to the more restful and sometimes staid interiors we enjoy on a majority of cars these days.

Over the decades the French have been noted for coming up with some leftfield ideas and designs, and this one is no different.

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RANGE ROVER EVOQUE: upgrade for the real deal style icon

1714716_rangeroverevoquemy209327IN profile it might look as if someone big and heavy has sat on the rear of the roof but the Range Rover Evoque is a real deal style icon.

Its falling roofline and rising beltline gives it an aggressive, almost-coupe like appearance but it’s unmistakably a Range Rover. There are Velar touches to the latest variant – the slimmer front lights and the flush fitting door handles, and the odd bit of contrasting rose gold trim front and rear.

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SKODA SCALA: classy car that banishes badge snobbery

1713658_SCALA_1_006RHDYOU wouldn’t realistically expect the interior of a Skoda to have the same sort of classy premium interior you’ll find on other VW Group products. But the new Scala has.

Skoda‘s latest model to hit UK shores quite adequately sums up the Czech firm’s progress over the past few years – impressive.

The Scala is Skoda’s model to plug the gap between Fabia (small hatch) and Octavia (big hatch/saloon/estate).

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LOTUS EVORA GT410 SPORT: a car with a real motorsport pedigree

751A3892SOMEONE, somewhere is going to be the lucky owner of a very exclusive car this summer.

What is officially the 100,000th Lotus car to be produced has a very special link with the late, great Jim Clark, the Scottish farmer who took the Formula One world by storm in the 1960s.

The trust that runs the museum that bears his name in the sleepy Scottish border town of Duns has been given a Lotus Evora GT410 Sport in ‘Clark’ colours – red with a silver roof and tartan seats to match the Elan he drove in the 60s – to help fund the new museum that was due to open in July. And it’s been signed by all 20 F1 drivers from this season.

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COROLLA_TS_front_34_2_V05_LR_RGB.EVER wondered why our taxi driving brethren have a penchant for hybrid Toyotas?

It’s a question to which there is a fairly simple and logical answer – and that is because they’re efficient.

Their full hybrids are engineered to run on both their petrol engine and electic motor but will run as often as is possible on electric power alone.

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AUDI A1 SPORTBACK: the posh small car

1575658_A186765_largeIT’S a main road, a dictionary description of excellence, a naff teeny boy band from the past – and the smallest Audi of the modern era.

Now revisited, reworked and relaunched, the latest Audi A1 Sportback proves that few technologies are made worse by being smaller, as this still manages to hang on to that prestige feel even though it’s been extensively remodelled.

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Not so tyre-ing from Bridgestone

mailBRIDGESTONE has announced the launch of Enliten, a new lightweight tyre technology that represents an unmatchable reduction in material and rolling resistance performance to contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

And yet it still provides the same wear life as a standard original equipment tyre. Enliten technology is also claimed to improve the vehicle’s handling and stability to increase driving pleasure.

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