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NISSAN ARIYA e-4ORCE: big SUV is one for the family

ONE of the first things you notice about electric cars is the distinct lack of a good old fashioned front grille.

In its place will be a large slab of solid bodywork, because with no engine upfront needing cooling air flowing over it, the slats of old are about as much use as mudflaps on a tortoise.

But it’s still all about airflow and low drag co-efficient, hence the slippery shapes you see on the roads. Continue reading

NISSAN X-TRAIL: flagship model has family appeal

WHAT started off as a relatively cheap and chunky 4×4 back in 2001 has become something a bit different – particularly when it comes to quality.

Because there’s nothing cheap about the interior of the latest X-Trail, Nissan’s flagship SUV – the fit and finish is way above what you got for your money back then. Continue reading