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HONDA ZR-V: smart hybrid with a conscience


HONDA have slotted another hybrid SUV into their range between the HR-V and CR-V – and with its ‘out of sight’ bits the same as the Civic, you’re odds-on looking at a winner.

ZR-V has its own look with a distinctive grille and sleek headlights and while there’s only a single engine option in the  ZR-V,  it’s a pretty good one. Continue reading

HONDA CIVIC e:HEV: it’s a straightforward choice….

IT’S hard to believe the Honda Civic is 50 years old. Not this one,obviously, but in that time it’s morphed from a small city runaround into a bigger, family orientated favourite.

I’ve driven a wide variety of them in my motoring life, from the more humble ones to the highly popular Type R versions, and this one is the 11th iteration of the Japanese firm’s world wide seller.

And, got to say it, it’s a real improvement over a previous car that wasn’t too shabby itself. Continue reading

HONDA CIVIC TYPE R GT: track king just as ready for the roads

TO earn the title of King of the Circuit a car has to be a bit special. The Type R GT is such a car.

And not just on the daunting Nurburgring Nordschleife track – the Honda has also taken front wheel drive lap records across the world from Bathurst in Australia and Suzuka in Japan to closer to home circuits at Estoril, Spa, Magny Cours and our own Silverstone. Continue reading