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SKODA SCALA: classy car that banishes badge snobbery

1713658_SCALA_1_006RHDYOU wouldn’t realistically expect the interior of a Skoda to have the same sort of classy premium interior you’ll find on other VW Group products. But the new Scala has.

Skoda‘s latest model to hit UK shores quite adequately sums up the Czech firm’s progress over the past few years – impressive.

The Scala is Skoda’s model to plug the gap between Fabia (small hatch) and Octavia (big hatch/saloon/estate).

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COROLLA_TS_front_34_2_V05_LR_RGB.EVER wondered why our taxi driving brethren have a penchant for hybrid Toyotas?

It’s a question to which there is a fairly simple and logical answer – and that is because they’re efficient.

Their full hybrids are engineered to run on both their petrol engine and electic motor but will run as often as is possible on electric power alone.

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Not so tyre-ing from Bridgestone

mailBRIDGESTONE has announced the launch of Enliten, a new lightweight tyre technology that represents an unmatchable reduction in material and rolling resistance performance to contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

And yet it still provides the same wear life as a standard original equipment tyre. Enliten technology is also claimed to improve the vehicle’s handling and stability to increase driving pleasure.

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SUZUKI JIMNY: a car with absolutely no peers

Suzuki Jimny 001REMEMBER that classic scene from Only Fools and Horses where Del and Rodney realise their dream of becoming millionaires, and the Reliant Robin starts rocking?

Well, the all new Suzuki Jimny rocks too, both in the side to side sense on its soft springs and by virtue of the fact it’s a fairly unique piece of motoring architecture.

Don’t reach for the phonebook to find your nearest dealer though, as this year’s UK allocation is long sold out, such is the clamour to own one.

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VOLVO V60: the Swedes re-invent their heartland

1563032_228893_New_Volvo_T6_Inscription_Pebble_GreyTHE staple transport of many a caravanner just got a whole lot sexier.

Back in the day, if you were in the habit of towing your holiday around behind you and you weren’t short in the wallet department, then the trusty Volvo estate was the car to have.

Strong and reliable, it was also hugely practical and offered exceptional interior space into the bargain.

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SKODA FABIA: Fabia-lous version of popular seller

1600091_FabiaTwinVALUE for money’ and class leading space – two of the virtues that have built up a worldwide following for Skoda and their range of cars.

The Czech manufacturer has certainly benefitted from being under the VW Group umbrella in recent times and cars like the Fabia have been the mainstay of their success, playing a crucial role in moving the brand along to what it is today.

Sales worldwide of the Fabia total over four million in its 19 year span, and last year the UK was Skoda’s fourth biggest market for Fabia with 19,400 registered. A lot of us must think they’re Fabia-lous….

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VOLVO XC40: another dose of Scandinavian excellence

1508004_219662_Volvo_XC40_crowned_What_Car_Car_of_the_Year_2018THERE used to be an unwritten rule that to qualify for Volvo ownership you had to be closer to your pension than your youth – but not any more.

Cars that decades ago has the aerodynamic qualities of a breezeblock are allofasudden ‘de riguer’ in the desirability stakes, because while they still major on their commendable safety attributes, they’re also now building a big chunk of style into them.

Take this XC40. This is not a car for someone in their motoring dotage, who will only venture out onto the roads twice a week – once for the pension on a Thursday and the other to be at the head of a slow moving snake of traffic on a Sunday afternoon.

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