SKODA SUPERB SPORTLINE PLUS: living up to its name

1065923_SKODA_Superb_SportLineSUPERB Skodas are nothing new – there’s been one in the range since 2002, and even long before that.

In 1934 to be precise, a car so sought after for its beautiful coachbuilt body that the Emperor of Japan had one.

And while the latest offering from the Czech manufacturer might not be quite up to ambassadorial standards, it’s still a car with a uniqueness all of its own.

1212545_Sportline rearIt’s competitively priced and offers a superb amount of interior space, particularly for those in the rear.

Its profile hints at a long car, as it sits lower to the road and has a window line that accentuates its length, but it is in fact very similar in length to its major competitors, which makes the amount of interior space available all the more praiseworthy.

It looks long and when you come to park it you find out your initial impression wasn’t too far wide of the mark, so the rear park sensors earn their inclusion on the comprehensive specification.

1212543_Sportline frontIt has an all round user-friendly feel to it, an that’s exemplified by the quality of the cabin, which in this Sportline Plus version has a smart red accent line running round the cockpit, alcantara covered sports seats, 19 inch alloys and exterior gloss black sports styling that includes the front grille, door mirrors and window surrounds..

The use of plastics on the dash is restrained to predominantly black, rather than the multi-hued shades of grey that sometimes populate a car’s interior, and that lends it a classy if sombre air. The build quality is therefore pretty good.

It’s superbly comfortable, with a great driving position attainable by anyone from Warwick Davies to Meadowlark Lemon.

1212554_Sportline Vega alloy1212551_Sportline spoilerClassy? Yes. Value for money? Yes. And the cruncher, desirable? Definitely, as the largest and most luxurious car to ever wear the Skoda badge, and to my mind one of the best.

You get a heck of a lot of car for your money and the Superb is just one of a range of cars from Skoda that is gaining an enhanced reputation under the protective wing of the VW Group, and a brand which has been in the top five of the prestigious JD Power customer satisfaction survey for many a year – not many manufacturers can say that on their CV.

Another plus is that it gives those who have been wooed by the popular Octavia a compelling reason to upgrade within the Skoda brand.

1170454_96187skoThe Sportline Plus package has been added to give it a step up in the battle for sales against competitors like the Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia and Peugeot 508. Features include a 9.2 inch touchscreen infotainment system, heated front seats, keyless go and a powered bootlid.

Anyone who’s a fan of diesel engines will love the unit in this car. It positively pours out mountains of torque to allow you to accelerate quicky and, more importantly, overtake swiftly and safely. The 150PS here translates into 340Nm of torque, and that’s more than enough to ensure you can complete your manoeuvres without any unnecessary fuss.

And its pretty decent fuel economy is good news for private and business users alike.

Superb by name – and it’s certainly superb by nature.

Skoda Superb Sportline Plus

Price: £30,605
Engine: 2.0 litre, four cylinder, TDI (diesel)
Power: 150PS
Torque: 340Nm
Transmission: six speed manual
Top speed: 136mph
0-60mph: 9.1 secs
Economy: 43.5mpg
CO2 emissions: 113g/km

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