POLESTAR 2: improved range improves your range

In the bar room bragging stakes the keyfob for a Polestar probably won’t win you many brownie points – but the car parked outside will.

It oozes Swedish style from every angle, minimalist as it is and makes it a highly desirable form of transport – a clean shape that catches the eye.In the UK, where over 20,000 Polestar 2 cars are now on the road, Polestar was the fastest growing car brand in the first seven months of 2023, with new vehicle registrations growing by 174 per cent compared to the same period the previous year.

Back in the day Polestar was Volvo’s racing offshoot but it’s now morphed into a standalone electric car company, joint owned by the Swedes and Chinese giant Geely. Polestar 2 is their first premium full electric volume model, built in China in a shared facility but don’t hold that against it – it is still very Volvo-ish in its presentation. Nothing superfluous but plenty of on-board equipment.The long range single motor version has a 82kWh battery that’s said to do north of 400 miles when fully charged, and with a respectable 295bhp available, progress can be swift. It weighs in at a shade over two tons, but it is in no way tardy.

There’s not much to fiddle with – there’s not even a starter button. Just by unlocking and slipping into the drivers seat, the Polestar knows you’re ready for action. Touch the brake and it’s awake, alert and ready to go.In Normal setting, the regenerative effect from the brakes is so good the 2 becomes a one pedal car and this a cinch to drive. Use your noggin and adopt a higher level of anticipation than you need in traffic and you can easily get by without touching the brake pedal.

Its touchscreen menu is the centerpiece of the interior. Over 11 inches across it’s mounted high enough to be there in your eyeline. It works impressively quickly and everything is crisp and clear.

Polestar 2 was the first to feature an infotainment system powered by Android Automotive OS, with Google built-in. Developed in collaboration with Google, the Android system revolutionises the way car infotainment systems can be integrated, with Google Assistant, Google Maps and the Google Play Store integrated.

The boot isn’t huge at 405 litres, but as it’s a proper hatchback the opening is huge, and the space isn’t taken up by charging cables as they are located under the bonnet. And with the rear seats folded there’s plenty of room for bigger loads.

Knowing where you can charge your car is a major part of the game with EV ownership so it’s worth adding an online database of charging points. Google can help you with that from the comfort of the cabin, but maybe range anxiety isn’t so much of a problem with the extended range here.


Polestar 2 long range single motor

Price: £48,950 (£52,750 as tested)
Engine: 82kWh lithium ion battery, AC synchronous permanent magnet electric motor
Power: 295 bhp
Torque: 361 lb/ft
Transmission: single speed
Top speed: 127mph
0-60mph: 5.9 seconds
Economy: 406 miles
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km

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