AUDI e-tron GT quattro: putting the style into electric motoring

IN the world of electric cars, there are some that stand a few spaces away from the rest in the car park.

They’re the ones that have a tad more style about them, the ones that ooze quality to match their price tags – so that rules out the bland Tesla, however efficient it is.We’re talking here about Audi’s e-tron GT, a four door high performance EV that has the sleek looks to match its phenomenal performance.

A car with space for five in a superbly trimmed cabin that’s packed with the latest tech. One that can be quickly charged up. One that ticks the necessary boxes for the well-heeled on the move.

It’s a similar concept to its stablemate Porsche Taycan but with the accent on a softer, more passenger friendly ride, thought the Porsche too offers a decent range of adjustment .The  e-tron GT is built at Audi’s factory at Neckarsulm and features a motor on both front and rear axles (quattro) giving you a thumping 470bhp.Floor the right hand pedal and the effect is intoxicating, shoving you firmly into the depths of the sculptured seats, giving your kidneys a quick shake and covering the tarmac at an astonishing rate – it’ll pass the 62mph mark in just 4.5 seconds and if you’re on an autobahn and not the M25, you could see 152mph appear on the screen in front of you.

You sit low in the cabin, so probably not one for those with dodgy backs from too many rounds of golf, but what it gives you is a great view that accentuates the curved arches that cover the rear wheels – and a view of the road rapidly disappearing behind you.Maximum quoted range is 298 miles on a full charge, and the Audi’s rapid charging capacity means you can theoretically put a 60-mile top-up into the 95kWh battery in just five minutes – but only if you have access to 270kW charging, which is currently few and far between.

There are four selectable drive modes, with comfort probably the best suited for UK roads. It all feels very Audi-esque, while body roll is almost non-existent which means you rarely even have to contemplate switching to the sportier Dynamic mode.

The interior design is a bit more restrained than the exterior, although Audi makes good use of environmentally-sourced trim materials such as a vegan ‘leather’ and recycled wood finishes. And as you’d expect of a top-level Audi, you can’t fault the fit and finish.

It’s a big heavy car at 2.2 tonnes but with the battery weight low down in the floor it’s very well balanced and there’s no tendency to roll. There’s no deviation when cornering and the pin sharp steering always keeps you up to date with what the front wheels are up to.

The e-tron cabin is very roomy in spite of its low-slung appearance, and can seat five passengers in comfort. You might expect to find headroom restricted, especially in the back, but the battery pack has been designed with a footwell recess built into it which adds to the available space for rear passengers’ feet under the front seats.


Audi e-tron GT quattro

Price: £85,185 (£96,675 as tested)
Engine: 94kWh battery
Power: 470bhp
Transmission: two speed automatic
Top speed: 152mph (electronically limited)
0-62mph: 4.5 seconds
Range: 296 miles
CO2 emissions: 0 g/km

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