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MERCEDES-BENZ GLE 300d 4MATIC AMG LINE: bigger, better, still going strong

THE world that the M-Class Mercedes-Benz entered 22 years ago was vastly different from today.

With but a handful of premium class SUV to pick from two decades ago, the choice now means you need more than your shoes and socks off to count up the alternatives.

The badge has changed from M-Class to GLE over the years, and with north of two million sales worldwide, there’s no question that it has been a success.

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HONDA CIVIC EX SPORT LINE: insurance friendly newcomer

FANCY a Civic Type R but think the insurance premiums might be a bit on the unaffordable side? Here’s an alternative.

If you can forego the brutal power in favour of something more wallet friendly in terms of performance and economy, the latest Civic might just tempt you.

With the latest and menacing look of something hinting at more brutal underpinnings, the Civic EX Sport Line is what you might dub an insurance friendly package.

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NISSAN JUKE: improving in a roundabout sort of way

NISSAN’S Juke is a car that stands out from the crowd in any scenario – even before you throw a few litres of bright paint at it.

They even made sure the windows were open, because some of the latest ones have got a tango coloured coating inside too.

It’s quirky looks in its compact chunky body have made it a popular choice for those motorists who stray from the conventional. And there must be a lot of them about, because there are a lot of Jukes about too.

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KIA XCEED: brought to you by the ‘cereal’ car maker…

KIA are rapidly turning into the Kelloggs of the motor industry – a ‘cereal’ car producer, if you like.

It’s the sheer ‘Variety’ of cars on offer that earns them the tag. Not content with three body styles for the Ceed range (hatchback, Sportswagon and ProCeed) there’s now another.

Enter the XCeed, cunningly aimed to attract those of us here in the UK who are shunning the traditional hatchback in favour of the wide variety of crossovers and SUVs filling showrooms up and down the country.

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VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT ESTATE: one of the exceptions to the rule

BACK in the day, I can recall sampling what was then the latest Volkswagen Passat – and getting a bit of a fright.

Moving the seat back to get a more comfortable position behind the wheel, I was suddenly aware I was rapidly getting closer to the boot than the dashboard. ‘Dear God’, I thought (or something like that….) they’ve forgotten to put stoppers on the end of the seat runners.

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MAZDA3 SKYACTIV-G: internal combustion will be around for a while yet

1730620_5883THE push is on to make the world a cleaner place – but the good old internal combustion engine is going to be plying its trade for some time yet.

That’s Mazda’s summing of the current situation, and they believe that until more renewable energy sources replace dirtier forms of fossil fuel and until charging times and charging infrastructure have dramatically improved, the engine as we know it will still be playing a major role for the next decade.

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PEUGEOT 508SW: bite hard and swallow – this can be inch perfect

1734566_231FOR all the knockers who smugly spout the line that French cars are all style and no build quality, here’s a bit of advice: bite hard and swallow.

There’s no denying the all new Peugeot 508 SW is a very smartly styled estate car – something the French have proved quite adept at over the years, although on the debit side there have been the occasional howlers along the way.

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